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WE THE PEOPLE of North Carolina oppose the construction of the Western Thoroughfare through any part of Martin Dog Park.



If you agree with the above petition click on the blue "sign the petition" link below.  An email box will appear on your screen.  Where it says subject, type "petition."  In the text area of the email, type in your name and mailing address (don't forget your spouse and children's name too) and then press send. Your name will then be added to the petition that will be delivered to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, The Village of Pinehurst Council, the Moore County Commissioners, Southern Pines Town Council, and the Aberdeen Town Board. We will keep you updated on the petition's progress on Talk Radio - 990 WEEB.

If you would like to help collect signatures, indicate that in your email and I will email you the petition form and the story of the dog park.

It is very important to type the word "petition" on the subject line so your email will go to a special folder that I will see.  I get over 2000 pieces of spam everyday so it is important to put the word "petition" on the subject line so that it will be separated from the spam.

Thank you for your support, and please encourage everyone you know to sign this Petition.

Steve Leader



Text of the on air Dog Park editorial: 


I’m Steve leader and this is a WEEB viewpoint editorial.  About 15 years ago Dr. Robert Martin donated 35 acres of land to the town of Southern Pines which is today known as Martin Dog Park.  Thousands of you have visited the park and you may want to enjoy the park while you can because if the Village of Pinehurst gets its way, the dog park will be a thing of the past or a mere relic of what it is today.  The Village of Pinehurst is currently funding engineering work for what is known as the Western Thoroughfare.  This four-lane thoroughfare will begin on the west side of Pinehurst near the intersection of 211 and Pine Valley Lane.  It will then circle around the western and southern parts of Pinehurst and go right through the middle Martin Dog Park where it will connect to Commerce Ave., right behind Wal-Mart.  The purpose of this thoroughfare is to reduce the amount of traffic at the Pinehurst traffic circle, especially the traffic coming from the west on 211.  We all know that the Pinehurst traffic circle works poorly at best.  It seems that the Village of Pinehurst wants to solve its traffic problems by using the power of the Department of Transportation's eminent  domain to take away the amenities of Southern Pines.  The traffic problems in the Village of Pinehurst can be solved without taking away the Martin Dog Park or any part of it.  First of all The Village of Pinehurst needs to allow more commercial development in the village so that residents can shop near their homes and not wear out every road leading to Southern Pines and Aberdeen.  Secondly they need to get over the love affair they have with this poorly functioning traffic circle.  The money for the Western Thoroughfare would be better spent on building an underpass from 211 to 15 501 and from the northern section of 15 501 to the southern section.  This would retain the traffic circle but make it function for a change.  We love the people in Pinehurst but we should not be asked to give up our amenities to solve their traffic problems.  I'm Steve Leader and that's my viewpoint.

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