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Big Government says we have a tax surplus. If that is true then why is the National Debt going up? To see exactly what the national debt is moment by moment just click here http://www.toptips.com/debtclock.html

July 24: The brain, untrained, goes mainly down the drain It may be only that I'm weaning myself off Brain Age (for the time being, whie I wrap up another DS review), or that the piles of antihistamines required for successful vacationing are leaving me a little slappy, but I was terribly pleased to find the Brain Training site over the weekend -- lots of small tests to test your perception and reflexes. It's simple, but simple can be good -- and how do you not love a site that includes the phrase "It’s nice to be an athlete, but certainly it’s super nice to be a Mathlete?"

April 12: The Best Free PC Utilities
Michael Desmond
I'm old enough to remember the bad old days of Windows. I struggled with crashing programs and merciless 640K DOS memory limits that made running game software almost impossible. To keep your PC working in those days, you needed a host of utilities: memory managers, disk defragmenters, and system boot tuners that became crucial to your day-to-day work.

Times change, and yet they remain the same. Windows XP has helped sweep away the old frustrations, but it leaves new ones in its wake. Fortunately, there is a quiet army of programmers, developers, and software makers churning out utilities to fix what ails you and your current PC. Here, in alphabetical order, is a look at some of my favorite utilities--the ones I rely on every day.

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